The Swinerton-Power JV Design-Build team (organized by Swinerton in joint venture with Power Engineering Construction Co., Liftech Consultants Inc., and Shah Kawasaki Architects) is completing early milestones for Fireboat Station No. 35, the high-profile project along the southern end of the Embarcadero.

Demolition of the existing piers began on September 11 and completed in late October. Piers 22 ½ and 24 were removed to make way for the new two-story, 16,880-square-foot floating fireboat station. The float, which will be held in place by four guide piles, has been engineered to withstand the long-term effects of sea level rise and be relatively impervious to earthquakes.

Environmental restrictions limit in-water work to summer months; therefore, the float is currently being fabricated by a shipyard in Shanghai, China and set to make its arrival into the San Francisco Bay on January 3, 2020 where it will be docked at Pier 1 on Treasure Island. This is where the construction of the station will take place. In the summer of 2020, the new guide piles will be driven in at the existing station, followed by the transport of the newly constructed Station 35, which will then undergo start-up and final commissioning procedures.

In the meantime, the 100-year-old Engine Company No. 35 continues to operate as their boats have been temporarily relocated to Pier 26.